New TB article published in Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy

News article 25 Nov 2019

Professor Giancarlo Biagini's group work to improve TB treatment outcomes, using a high content imaging platform for intracellular infections and PK/PD modelling. 

Owing to the extensive TB treatment periods, the ability to identify drug candidates based on their predicted clinical efficacy is vital to accelerate the pipeline of new therapies. Here, the group have used high-content imaging screening and pharmacodynamic intracellular modelling (PDi) to identify and prioritise fluoroquinolones for TB treatment.   

First authors Dr Samantha Donnellan and Dr Ghaith Aljayyoussi have presented this work at the European Society of Mycobacteriology (Dresden) and in Dundee at 'Setting our Sights on Infectious Diseases'.